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Jerome is an absolute sweetheart. I'm a weird goth chick , probably nothing like their usual clientele and I came in asking for something equally as weird as I am; I asked him if he could cut / shave a cat face in the back of my hair. After about 5 minutes of studying the picture I had on my phone that gave me the idea , he actually took on the task and then pulled it off beautifully! Not only that , but the location of the shop itself is perfect for wherever I happen to be at at the time; whether it's my own house out in Willow Springs or at my grandmother's house out in Moncure, I'm only about half an hour away either place. Absolutely my new favorite place to get my hair cut because if you're willing to try something challenging and bizarre ( which took him an hour to do by the way, and he charged very little for it ), you have definitely earned the respect and loyalty of the weirdo goth chick.
Kitty B
I had to travel quickly from California to North Carolina for a family emergency. I came across this shop and was sat in Jeromes chair. He did a fantastic job and was extremely thorough. All said and done $22. I didn't have the heart to tell him that the same treatment in Los Angeles would be around $80 before tip. Thanks for the prompt, valuable, walk in service!
Logan D
After struggling to find a shop to get a clean cut for a reasonable price my search has finally ended. Great hair cut, Jerome did and outstanding job. Definitely will be a repeat customer. Affordable prices for a quality haircut, would not go anywhere else.
Jorge M
Great guys, possibly the best in the triangle, great customer service very detailed will defiantly be coming back
Jose Hernandez
We loved the place, and the people there, great haircuts for both women and men, very polite and knowledge hair professionals.
Ramiro Fernandez
Jerome cut my 2 yr old sons hair today and this is the best cut he has ever had. Besides the awesome cut, Jerome was so patient with my son and treated him with such care. I will be back again for the next cut.
Pat M
Shaun and Michael not only do great work, they also make the customer feel at home and confident in their abilities. Quick, quality, and great conversation along the way, you'll leave feeling great!
Patrick Lawton
My son and I went to Michael's the day of Homecoming to get his hair cleaned up, and his beard shaped. My son being part Dominican, and part Ecuadorian, his hair can be difficult to clean up. The other places we've been to just didn't know to really do it right. To be honest, I have thick blonde hair, and the other places aren't able to do my hair the way I ask for either. Michael was the one who wound up taking care of us, and I'm very happy that he did. Everyone was friendly, and it took me back to the real barber shop days I used to know. Michael actually had a conversation with my son and I while he was working on my sons hair. It wasn't just what you normally get at other places. You know, the "So, do you live around here?", or "Is it cold/hot outside?". We discussed how it is a family business with his son and daughter working there, and that his 25th Anniversary for the business was coming up next year. He did an awesome job with my sons hair. My son liked it so much, he didn't complain once about the cut. He loves his hair long (It doesn't grow down, it just puffs up), and up to that point, would always try to bargain with his mother and I about what to get. Michael new exactly what to do when I told him that. Michael also did my hair and beard. I have always had a difficult time getting my beard to cooperate, but Michael trimmed and shaped it, then in one fail swoop, got my beard under control with a hair product I hadn't thought to use. It was awesome! They really take their time to find out what you want, and provide advice on the best way to achieve what you're looking for. One other thing I appreciated was that they didn't try and use a product in my hair, then try to get me to buy it. TL;DR Michael's was great! They know what they are doing, and help you learn in the process.
Eric Schachinger
Just went today and what a great place! Great people and an amazing haircut for a great price!! The owner Michael totally gets customer service and is one fantastic barber. He gave me the best haircut I have had in years and trimmed my beard to perfection. Can't wait to go back. Completely wife approved as well!!
David Paul
My husband won't go anywhere else to have his hair cut. They always do a great job. Very welcoming as well.
Skyra Cribb
One of the best Barber shops I have been to in North Carolina. nice people and great customer service.
Juan Rivera
Great place, much better haircut then I ever got anywhere else in the area. Excellent service and great conversation.
Mike Hobbs
Before I went to Michael's Barbershop & Hair Care, I got my haircut at *******. The women in my life complained at the bad job they did. I knew I had to see a real barber. I stopped by Michael's and he cut my hair just right. When I showed the women in my life my haircut by Michael they raved! They said do NOT go anywhere else. No problem. Michael and his staff are nice friendly folks and most importantly they know what they are doing when it comes to my hair.
Adrew Marteka