Michael Adams

After completing high school in 1980, I decided to go to Harris Barber College in Raleigh, NC where I received my apprentice license on 03/25/1983. Then I served as an intern at McKoy’s Barber Shop in Holly Springs, NC. I later received my registered barber license on 12/10/1984. I am now in my second shop which was established in 1993. I have had the opportunity to work with different people along the way through continuing education and by attending hair shows. If I had to give advice to any young person, I would advise them that this is one of the most rewarding professions. This has become more than just a trade but also a hobby. I have enjoyed watching clients grow from kids to adults and as adults they have come to me and told me that I was an inspiration. I have enjoyed meeting new people. It has been an inspiration to myself and it has also been a journey. One of the most rewarding things that gives me joy is for a dissatisfied client from another location to come in to my establishment and leave with a smile because of the quality service that I have provided and now I understand that without them there is no me!

Shaun Street

I have been cutting at Mike' Barbershop since April of 2000.. I cut men women and kids, all ethnics..I graduated from Sheryll's University. My hobbies are horses and motorcycles. I enjoy being with my daughter and my family.